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Movie Review(s): Brave and Moonrise Kingdom

I was pretty underwhelmed. I felt no connection to any of the characters, the comedic elements were more often than not way out of place, there was never really a sense of tension, and the pacing was pretty lackluster. The ending especially seemed very rushed. I wish they had either shown us more of Elinor and Merida trying to find a way to break the curse or that Elinor had been a bear for a longer period of time because I feel like it would have added a little tension and helped the audience (me) create a stronger bond with both of them. Had they done that, my only real problem with the movie would have been the humor.


I just want to make it clear that my feelings about the movie have nothing to do with my feelings about PIXAR in general, though I do have to wonder how faithful they were to Brenda Chapman's original premise. I don't buy for a second that she was fired from a movie she wrote because of "creative differences". know...whatever.

Like Brave, I was underwhelmed. This was a movie I had been really interested in watching ever since I saw the first trailer but it didn't live up to my expectations and it was exceedingly dull. I was honestly hoping it would be more fantastical, but then again, I'm not exactly familiar with Wes Anderson's previous works. I had no problem with any of the adult characters, but I wasn't able to connect with either of the two main characters. There's quirky, which I appreciate, but then there's also trying too goddamn hard which is what I felt happened with both Suzy and Sam. Whether that's a problem with the writing or the acting I couldn't really say.

EDIT 1/14/13: Actually, after much thought...I really don't like this movie.


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