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Movie Review: The Avengers

Not too many spoilers, but here, have a ~SPOILER WARNING!!!~ 

First of all, it's a very good movie and is very well done. Everyone should refrain from being like me and actually, you know, have their first viewing of the movie actually be at the theatre because it. is. worth. it. Don't get me wrong, I'm still very much planning on seeing it with my family when it's officially released here, but I just couldn't help myself...oop~

It's a long movie. Without credits, the movie clocks in at about 2 hours and 15 minutes, but it's never slow. It's paced very well and I personally never felt bored waiting for a certain scene to end, which is also due in part to the characters and the acting. The action was great, I tried to analyze the action to see if it followed a good "action scene formula" and for the most part, when I remembered what I was trying to do, it did. The action wasn't hard to follow and you could definitely tell what was happening. The CGI was great for the most part though some moments did give me pause such as when Loki was talking to that one guy (I don't read comics...I don't know names) near the beginning. I did watch a cam version, so we'll see if my opinion changes when I actually watch the movie in theatres. Personally, I felt the acting was quite good for an ensemble film. There were standouts, but I don't think anyone did inherently bad.

I felt like Mark gave a very understated performance, but in the case of this movie, that's a very good thing. He was able to hold his own against such a wide cast of varying temperaments and actually made me fucking care about The Hulk...he deserves an award just for that tbqh.

Tom was amazing. No bias, I promise.
His Loki was smart, cunning, brash at times, was a complete asshole, and it also kind of seemed to me that Loki was weaker here than he was in Thor. Tom himself said that Loki had "seen things" after falling through the abyss at the end of Thor, and it must have taken its toll. I mean, it might not be the case, but just some of the things that he did hinted at him not really being all there physically or mentally. I also don't think he was in any way sympathetic so tumblr fangils should just stop. I mean he has his moments when he's talking with Thor about Asgard and their father, but he's still an out and out, bigoted, unrepentant asshole and Tom did a tremendous job, especially when he was talking to/being interrogated by Black Widow. To be honest, I think why I love Loki so much is because Tom loves playing him and I am definitely here for that.

Robert's Iron Man was great as usual using the same snark and cynicism as in the first two Iron Man movies, Scarlett and Chris E. were good as well (I really need to watch Captain America again and actually pay attention to it), and while I think that both Jeremy and Chris H. performed admirably, neither of them were really given much to do. Hawkeye was Loki's mook for the better part of the movie and Thor was surprisingly under utilized considering the fact that his brother was the Big Bad.

I though the humor was well done tbh:
-Tony mocking Thor and speaking in Ye Olde English - "Ahh, Shakespeare in the park. Doth mother know you weareth her drapes?" RDJ is fabulous you guys~~~
-The joke about Loki being adopted trollllolololllololol 
-I don't remember what exactly was said but I'm pretty sure Bruce called Loki a crazy cat lady lmao
-Tony mocking Loki's "performance issues"
-Loki, after having enough of getting his ass beat, tries to monologue at the Hulk. The Hulk is like fuck this lecture and this happens:

I was fucking cackling. Loki was such a butt monkey throughout the entire movie lmao

Character development was great in my opinion, but I think this is one that's open to interpretation. A few people have said that "there isn't any harumphknjGDjbJ bah humbug", but if you look closely enough, there most certainly is. As an example, Tony realizes that being a hero is more than having a flashy suit and even gets his own Disney Death because of it.

Now that I have all of those feels out, I want to focus on  what I thought was less than stellar:
-I had problems with some of the dialogue
-Like I said, the CGI for the most part was great, but I was kinda like "uhh" during that one scene with Loki and 
-Loki said something about Odin summoning dark magic to send Thor to Earth, but i wish they would have gone into a bit more detail about this.
-I feel like, since Captain America is the leader of the Avengers, we needed more about him and less about Tony (as much as I love RDJ's Iron Man)
-Joss Whedon says he (the character he killed off who shall remain nameless) isn't really dead, but I don't buy it. Joss loves killing off a well loved character and I was really hoping it wouldn't happen...but it did. It serves as that final motivator for the team to come together, but I still don't like it...

Overall, I gave the movie a 8.5/10, I'm sticking with that for now, but we'll see upon another viewing. I really, really, really liked it, but I want to see it again in better quality ha ha.

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