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Movie Review: The Hunger Games

I had every intention of seeing the movie without having read any of the books (which I did lmao), but everyone kept telling me that they were super quick reads so after I watched the movie for the time (illegally oopz), I bought the book after school last Thursday night and powered through it before I saw the movie (legally!) on Friday. I really liked it, but there were some things I felt could have been done better, even before reading the book.

First, I want to talk about what I liked:

  • The whole movie tbh (even with the problems I had). It's crazy how much I love the second half.

  • The Tracker Jacker scene ha ha. There was just something about that I really liked.

  • Skin color aside (which is honestly still a problem), I thought Jennifer Lawrence did a great job.

  • Amandla Stenberg was adorable and I usually try not to associate actors with how I see a character, but I don't think I'll be able to picture Rue as anyone but Amandla.

  • Rue's death. That whole scene was so incredibly moving, I seriously had to fight to hold back my tears (I failed tbh). The song, the flowers, the hand sign, Rue's father (?) inciting the riot...uggh I was a mess. Thank god I watched it at my house first ha ha

  • Elizabeth Banks was great as Effie. I loved the costuming they did for that character as well.

  • Stanley Tucci was cracking my shit up with that toothy grin of his. He was perfect as Caesar Flickerman

  • Jennifer's body in the parade outfit. Jennifer's body in the training outfit. Jennifer's body. Girl crush whoa

  • I actually really loved the shot of Gale during the countdown, when the counting went away and it was just him sitting in the was kind of like a calm before the storm sort of deal mixed in with the scenes of Katniss readying herself, the district watching in the square, her mother and sister watching in their home, etc.

  • The start of the games was intense. I liked how the whole bloodbath was almost entirely silent. It helped add to the tension.

  • JOSH HUTCHERSON TBH (also Peeta, I think he and Rue are my favorite characters). I thought he was good, although I do wish we could have gotten a little more of fever stricken Peeta.

  • It wasn't used in the movie, but I absolutely adore Taylor Swift's song "Safe and Sound"...I listened to it like ten times in a row last night.


  • I get that Peeta is actually an artist and is super good at the camouflage shit, but WHERE THE FUCK WOULD HE HAVE GOTTEN THE PIGMENT TO MATCH HIS FACE TO THAT FUCKING ROCK? I was cackling at that scene...I read the book after I watched the movie, but I knew before seeing the movie that he had disguised himself so like when Katniss was looking for him I imagined him to just be covered in mud...but apparently he was able to find a mirror to color match himself to that rock. LOLK

  • WHY DID PEETA STILL HAVE HIS LEG AT THE END OF THE MOVIE?!?! I actually found this one out before I watched the movie but it still pissed me off. Why would they cut something like that out? Sure they don't reference the leg all that much, but it's still part of who he is, part of what the Game did to how are they going to make that work in the sequels?

  • I felt that the whole part after The Reaping and leading up to the games was a tad rushed. They could have focused more time on building Katniss' and Cinna's relationship, as well as both Katniss and Peeta's relationship with Haymitch.

  • Not once do they mention Effie's name.

  • Katniss spinning in the dress didn't really translate well on screen...I was embarrassed and wanted it to stop after like the third twirl lmao

All in all though, the second and third time I watched the movie, the first hour didn't bug me as much. I do think that the movie could have been longer if only because they really needed to take the time to properly introduce Effie (like seriously that would have taken all of 30 seconds) and establish the important relationships, but I actually really liked the movie and I'm actually pretty stoked for Catching Fire.

7.5/10 mostly because of the omissions.

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