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Movie Review: Unrelated

I'm going to be honest: I only watched this movie for Tom Hiddleston.

Hmm...this movie...
For starters, it starts off really slow and I honestly had no idea what the hell was going on for the first twenty minutes. Like, why did Anna (Kathryn Worth) just suddenly show up in Italy? How does she know these people? Why is she staying with them? These things were answered...but only after I read the summary.

Apparently Anna is having trouble with her marriage and decided to take a breather in Tuscany. Her best friend, Verena (Mary Roscoe), is staying there with her family. While there, she gets chummy with the youngins by partaking in some late night drinking, passing a doobie around, skinny dipping, and there seems to some awkward as hell sexual tension between her and Oakley (Tom Hiddleston). To be honest though...I kind of did want something to happen. Uggh, I don't know...He was clearly interested in her as evidenced by his purposely sitting by her at breakfast, offering that just the two of them go and drink some of his dad's wine, and the way that he was all over her when everyone was out and about in the town...but I guess it would have been too predictable for anything major to happen. It certainly would have made the movie a hell of a lot more interesting though. Sleeping with your best friend's son? While you're still married? Bring on the drama.

Anywhoo, one of the other kids, Badge (Emma Hiddleston) crashes a borrowed car, they lie about it, Anna comes clean to Verena, the youngins all hate Anna now. She's given the cold shoulder the rest of the movie and leaves for a motel. Verena hunts her down and they talk and Anna reveals that she has menopause...which kind of came out of nowhere to be honest. Verena convinces her to come back to the house. Things get better, but then everyone has to leave and that's that.

The acting was...alright. Nothing too spectacular, nothing too dreadful. The dialogue was really nice though, it felt very authentic. This was probably the intent, but at times they were obviously using a hand-held camera to film certain scenes. One in particular was when it was just Anna and Oakley sitting in silence as Badge and Jack (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) were upstairs dressing Archie (Harry Kershaw) in drag. It was just a little jarring. Aside from the fact that no one in this film was at all likable, it certainly was a very good character study. It showed us that we all have positives and negatives without being too pretentious about it.

My Rating: Overall, the movie was kind of meh. 2/5
I'm hoping that Archipelago (which is by the same director and stars Tom Hiddleston) isn't as disappointing.

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